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A topic by Kargul85 created Feb 06, 2017 Views: 506 Replies: 4
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Hello, I am currently on day 26, if in the future there will be some weather events such as rain, snow?
I will not say a little hard for water especially for irrigation

Good call - I could see ice becoming scarce by that point around your base - especially if you're growing lots of plants in greenhouses.

I have a Weather Manager half setup. I suppose I should figure out how that could be used to replenish the world ice tiles over time.

Thinking out loud to myself here... could be like:
Rain storm deposits water puddles scattered around the planet surface -> that after a few minutes have a chance of "freezing" into collectible ice tiles. Or maybe there's some other base module / tech that lets you generate water (like an underground well, or moisture vaporator like in Star Wars)

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The idea with a chance of freezing water is very interesting. 
Maybe some depressions in the ground where the water would be collected?
 (Useful for planets where the temperature was higher,
that the water would not freeze only created lakes?)
Of course, this also means areas with magma, where the water will not see: D
Perhaps actually a building as a water pump for electricity, in crafting pipes to transport water ^^

Heh. You don't want to vaporate what little water you have; you want to condense the vapor in the air and collect it in a trap :D


Goooood call :)

+1 for Dune