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I apologize for a long break, download the game and test :)

Hi! I like the news (plants, rainwater tank) I only have a question why the workshop table does not get energy? At this table you can do a hammer, spade but electronics it probably would have at a more specialized table. Any lab? : D

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Point on the map
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Such a small idea, the ability to mark on the map the point to which it would lead the arrow at the ends of the screen (this would reduce the number of map openings for navigation) :)
Of course thanks for the cool game and update 0.35 :)

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COOL! :) This is called exemplary communication with the community! A good work :)

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1. Oxygen cylinders should be reusable after filling
2. He is hungry and should be thirsty :)
3. Steelworks - ON / OFF button
4. Maybe car parts should be produced in the garage menu?
5. Rain looks epic, maybe a barrel for "rainwater"
6. Maybe some random discharge to damage the buildings?
7. Why does the battery glow despite lack of energy?
8. Entering the room and completely consuming the oxygen fan when filling the suit to 100% does not take up oxygen in the base. When I enter and when filling up to 100% of the suit the level in the base does not drop to 0 it starts to oxygen in the base increasing.

9. When driving away the camera (Easier navigation)

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Building ON/OFF
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Ability to exclude certain devices (eg mill to save energy). 
Probably in the future there will be a lot of buildings, equipment consuming a lot of electricity.
Sometimes you need something off to something else operate.
The game comes to the desktop when you change the resolution, the previous version of the game was not the problem Windows 7 64bit
I've seen the effect of dirty solar panel, 
maybe some intermediate states of dirt that reduce efficiency?
Clean panel [10 power], a little dirty [5 power], dirty [0 Power]
base suddenly will lose power and it will be progressed
MewnBase community · Created a new topic Observations
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1 The night is too short ( Maybe possibility of changes in the game options length of day and night?)

2 The battery has a small capacity (Maybe possibility the ability to improve cell?)

3 The vehicle must be powered (you need to recharge it) and Have trunk :)

For now, that's it, overall play has great potential and I really like :)

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The idea with a chance of freezing water is very interesting. 
Maybe some depressions in the ground where the water would be collected?
 (Useful for planets where the temperature was higher,
that the water would not freeze only created lakes?)
Of course, this also means areas with magma, where the water will not see: D
Perhaps actually a building as a water pump for electricity, in crafting pipes to transport water ^^
MewnBase community · Created a new topic Water
Hello, I am currently on day 26, if in the future there will be some weather events such as rain, snow?
I will not say a little hard for water especially for irrigation