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pc locking up

A topic by keitaro created Feb 05, 2017 Views: 239 Replies: 1
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So I Installed this and now my pc locks up

I have newest drivers did a sfc and dism windows is fine.

re-installed drivers (graphics)

made sure my java is up to date etc.

At first i installed and immediately installed Aven colony.

I thought it was that or the Unreal re-dis it installed but i cleared them of and the pc is still randomly locking up

I uninstalled itch and used pc 2 hours fine

re-installed itch and now it is happening again. Even with itch not running it locks up??

There appears to be nothing in windows logs except an error about the pc being rebooted unexpectedly ?

Any help appreciated on fixing this

Win 10 p x64

16gb ram

I7 and 860m nvidia


Can you post your app log? Open Preferences in itch app, expand 'Advanced' section, click 'Open app log'

I've never seen the app do that (and I have a very similar setup: Win10, 16GB ram, nVidia card), sorry you're having trouble with it :(

Also, can you expand on "lock up" ? What happens exactly?

Ideally you'd:

  • Run the app, wait for it to "lock up" again
  • Note down the time it happened (hour/minute/second)
  • Copy/paste the app log and post it here

Maybe we can find out if the app is doing something particular when your pc is locking up.

Also of interest: are you running any antivirus software?