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Another platform

A topic by polluks created Nov 13, 2019 Views: 424 Replies: 7
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How about a MorphOS port? I made some SDL ports by the way.

Developer (4 edits)

Hi polluks,

thanks for your interest, but unfortunately Blastaway won't be ported to other platforms because of several reasons:
 * I can't take the burden of adapting the game and then of offering (future) support (two platforms are already demanding, and with BOH I've learned that increasing the number of supported systems beyond two is insane);
 * porting is boring;
 * help offers aren't of any help (terrible pun intended) because also collaborating, for several reasons, takes time and energies;
 * I don't own all the machines I'm being / I will be asked to port the game to, and for money and logistical reasons I can't get more;
 * I have many other projects (for classic Amiga and Commodore 64) waiting to be resumed, and time and energies are limited.


Hello Retream,

Your game is very fun and i would like to run it on MorphOS too (and many MorphOS users i'm sure)

- i can send you a Mac mini 1.5GHz with a MorphOS licence

- i can open a bounty for you on

- polluks, BeWorld and others guys could port your nice game

- after the portage, i could add your game on and add a paypal button directly to support you.

Developer (1 edit)

Hi papiosaur,

I'm glad that you find Blastaway fun. Thanks.
Your offer is incredibly kind and I can't thank you enough for that. However, I have to turn it down for some of the reasons explained in the previous post. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

No problem, i understand. MorphOS users are good guys ;-)


BTW, never said or even thought that MorphOS users are bad ;)

Hi ! I would love a MorphOS port too but I understand the additional work ! (yep I one of those VERY frustrated by the fact there were several Amiga NG OSes, OK, that happened 15-20 years ago !) I'm sure some people would love to do it for you if you accepted to state the port as "unofficial and unsupported" ;) Best regards !


No, sorry: my games are like children to me, so I can't accept that there are unsupported/lesser/different versions around; in addition to that, also letting others do the port requires collaboration and verification from me, and, as already said, that's another no-go.
(Mind you, all I'm saying in this thread holds true for any game and any platform.)