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Hi ! I would love a MorphOS port too but I understand the additional work ! (yep I one of those VERY frustrated by the fact there were several Amiga NG OSes, OK, that happened 15-20 years ago !) I'm sure some people would love to do it for you if you accepted to state the port as "unofficial and unsupported" ;) Best regards !

Hi ! I hope you don't mind I made no donation here, I have already bought the boxed Amiga version :-) Thanks a lot, looking forward to playing in on my FPGA Amiga :-)

What's the best way to support you ? Where should we buy the game from ? 

Cheers !

Oh no :-( That means the game is not supported anymore ? You have no control over it anymore ? Cheers

Woohoo, thank you so much :-)

Hi ! Oh my god, TF4 is one of my favorite shmups... Do you plan a Linux build ? :-) (or at least a Steam Play compatible version ?) Keep up the great work !

Dunno if that's possible, but Linux & Mac builds would be cool :)