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That's great ! Thanks for your reply :)

Oh oh, surprise release ;) ! Cannot wait to play it with my kids ;)

Regarding the future Wizonk+ : does Scorpion have the required features for the enemies AI ?

Thanks again so much for your top quality & original Amiga work :)

Thx for your reply ! How did you actually get AGA support in the regular AMOS Pro version ? Best regards :)

Hola ! Recently stumbled upon your games. Great work, thanks so much for your long term dedication ! :)

BTW, do you use the recent AMOS Pro "AGA" version for the AGA version of your games ?

Hi ! Woohoo, thanks so much for this high quality port ! :-)

Just one question : I noticed that with most Scorpion games : on my A1230@50, I noticed there is quite some latency during screens switches -- especially when starting, reading scrolls, when the music changes etc.

Is it due to the way Scorpion works, by design, or is there some room for improvements ?

Thanks so much for your hard work :-)

Very nice game ! It's like Boxikon but missing the possibility to rotate the pieces. Idea for a next game / update ;-)

Very cool ! I felt like Dave indeed, and this has definitely been addressed, yeah ! :-) Thank you !

Heh, didn't expect it that soon ! Wow, definitely looking forward to it !

Oh yes, sounds like a massive update indeed !!! Thank you SO much !

BTW, for some reason, I can only see the adf in the downloads section ? :) Also, I couldn't mount the ADF under the WB 3.2.x.

Hi ! Given it a quick try, really enjoyable game, thank you so much ! Will definitely get back to you later with proper feedback ! BTW, one has to set a DF0: assign to get it running from the HD.

Cheers & thanks so much for your great work !

Hey, thank you for this massive update !! :-)

Oops, deleted by mistake my account, recreated it, FIXED ! :)

Superb endeavour ! :)

Love it, being a Llamatron fan :) Thx for the twin-sticks support !

Keep up the great work ! :) Promising indeed ! Thank you !

Hehe, that's a cool first game ! <3

Masterpiece ! Thanks for sharing the WIP :-)

Oh la la, génial !! :)

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Oh, BTW, may I send you a few suggestions ? 

- is it possible to have some kind of visual feedback when the XP limit per screen is reached ? (or even better, to visualize the limit) Because otherwise I keep staring at the XP count which is kinda distracting :-)

- regarding the weakest enemy : would it be possible to tweak them a little bit ? Because they look like a Pi symbol and not an enemy to me ;-)

- could the game remember the last control mode selected ? (in my case : it is detected as CD32 but actually I have 2 CD32 to arcade interfaces in an arcade cabinet so I have to switch to 2 sticks :-)

Again : congrats, super game !!!!!

Woohoo ! It's here ! Great accomplishment, super enjoyable game ! Love it ! And it supports my twin-sticks setup !!!

BTW, I'm not sure what the weakest enemies are supposed to be ? They look like Pis ! Hehe ! :)

Thanks a lot :)

Hi ! Thanks to both of you ! Meanwhile I compiled the stable version and commented out the culprit lines :-) So happy after all those years :)

Hi ! Thanks so much for this new game ! :) Any hint on where to find the right amos.library version ? :)

HI Pierre ! Just tried to play it under Linux (by using the Snap version of ScummVM : version 2.7.0). It worked perfectly for a couple of minutes then crashed when trying to put the trashes to the bin. (AGS script error). 

Any idea ?

I love the style & the humour Pierre, that's great ! I also have to finish Gobli(ii)ns 1 to 3 on my Amiga :)

Thank you so much ! Seems super fun & playable :) And thank you so much for supporting twin-sticks ! (so far in 38 years there only were 3 if I'm not mistaken : llamatron, Smash TV, Super Obliteration) :)

Yep that's true ! Maybe I will... I have made way too many requests on the Mantis Whdload bugtracker lately, ahah !

Ah génial ! Je passe commande dès que les finances s'éclaircissent un chouïa ;)

Merci à toi, ça fait vraiment plaisir ! J'ai pu faire découvrir en particulier Gobliins 2 (sur mon 1200 ;) à ma fille de 9 ans, ça lui a bien plu ;)

Salut à toi ! :)

Quel plaisir de retrouver Gobli[ii]ns après avoir grandi avec ce titre ! (que je lance toujours sur mon Amiga d'ailleurs :)

Donc, ça pourrait tourner sous Linux aussi ? 


Heh, simple but very enjoyable :) Looking forward to the Amiga joystick support :) Thank you so much !

Hi ! By any chance, would an HD-installable Amiga AGA compatible be possible ? :) Maybe in the shape of a WHDLoad slave ? :) Thanks again so much for your work <3

Hi Aurélien ! Definitely makes sense :-) Happy to see you are still developping PW :) Take care !

Hi Saimon !

Is it possible to bypass the 15 MB of fast requirement ? My Amiga 1200 has a Blizzard with a 16 MB extension but the available memory when the system is loaded is of approx. 14 MB of FAST + 1,9 MB of CHIP... So it doesn't run :-) Probably due to disks caches...

Take care ! Thanks again for all your projects <3


Yay, thank you for this great contribution to the Amiga :) Cannot wait ;)

I *love* it ! Thank you SO much !!

Any particular reason for not keeping the 3 save slots BTW ?

Save slots <3 <3 

Thanks so much :))

Congrats, great work !! My 1200 is delighted - and so am I :)