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Such a huge undertaking, great work !! :-)

As always : terrific support and great vision, thank you ! This is definitely a demanding game I'll spend quite some time getting better at. People definitely need to read the manual / strategy guide !

Impressive changelog !! Thank you so much Simone !

Hi ! :-) Hope you're doing well ! I'm not sure if 1.1 was actually released ?

Take care,


Yeah, superb QOL update, which is gonna make a big difference. Thank you ! :)

Hi ! Thanks for taking the time to answer :) Cheers !

Hi ! Thank you for the balance update, it's much appreciated and definitely makes a difference ! :-)

Hi everyone !

I know this is very specific and tons of work... Just asking by any chance, if you've considering making an FPGA implementation of the Pico-8 fantasy console - or releasing some specs so that someone can do it ? This would make it even closer to real hardware... As FPGA implementation is the closest you can do, that's some kind of hardware low-level implementation.

The most well-known current FPGA plateform - pretty affordable too - is the MiSTer FPGA project. Check it out ! :)


Heh, great work, congrats ! It's a great showcase of the Scorpion engine. The best I've seen so far ! So much great work was kinda "wasted" for people who made use of backbone for their games. This engine pays justice to both your work and the Amiga :)

Hi Michael !

Heh, do you actually have some space left on the floppy disk ?! :)

I cannot believe you still have some remaining space on the floppy disk ?!

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Definitely ! :-)

Yep the Amiga has always missed 1 channel :)

Thank you ! Soundtrack is very nice. I cannot help but think just one tiny little pad here & there could help make sound even way deeper. But I guess pads would take too much memory :)

Sure !

I have an alternate idea... What if the optimal "button smashing frequency" was sync'ed to the music BPM ? Would make the game even more enjoyable as our ear would be connected to our hands ;)

In case it's useful I paste my quick first levels impression / remarks from my EAB post : 

Hi ! I've played quite a few games yesterday evening and reached level 3 boss (pretty tough one)... What can I say ?

- I feel you've hit the spot in terms of difficulty curve, which is extremely important for a shmup Right from the start, the game gives the feeling to be difficult but you improve very quickly (you = the player in my text .

There is a common pitfall the game does not fall into : the need to memorize everything. Obviously, the game gets easier as you learn to identify the dangers and the enemies patterns.

Another big plus : the game does not "artificially" try to raise the difficulty or its length but adding tons of waves, unexpected super pervert enemies, etc.
Oh, and super important too : losing a life and thus your equipment does not hamper you that much. Of course, it's tougher but far from being punishing. It usually means "game over" for me in games like R-Type.

Levels are long enough to entertain and put some pressure on you, but short enough not to bore you and not to make you super frustrated when you die after several levels. Also, you get extra lives based on your score.
You do not have tons of different ennemies but they are completely different from one level to the other and feel very fresh. Levels settings are very different : you do not feel content or games mechanisms are being recycled, so it feels varied and continually interested.

Generally, from a technical standpoint, it's very impressive for a one man effort. I'm playing it on my MiSTer FPGA on a projector on the wall, with some scanlines, and it looked gorgeous -- which I must say I didn't expect. Maybe it doesn't always feel as "dense" as some late Amiga endeavours with big teams (ex. Disposable Hero) but it really feels like an AAA game. Music feels it could do with an additional channel for a pad but hey, it's already very enticing.

The only thing that disturbs me a little is I have to continually focus to get the fire rate optimal. I guess that's something I'll probably master quickly.
Cheers !

About 6. : actually, do NOT push like a maniac : it won't make the ship fire faster ! You have to find the optimal frequency to get the fastest possible rate. 

It works great, it's soooo much more pleasant to play this kind of games on e-ink... When you have eyestrain issues. Cheers !

Hi ! I'll try and get back to you ! Actually, there are optimizations that can be applied on the fly on my e-ink device and alter the palette afterwards even if the app / site is not meant for it. Check out "Onyx Boox". Cheers !

Hi ! I've got the boxed version of the game :) However due to eyestrain issues, I'd like to play it on an e-ink Android device. Is it possible ? Best regards :)

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Thank you so much for the latest update ! It's much smoother even on a low end laptop. Thanks for the Linux version too, works like a charm ! (I use KDE Neon, based on Ubuntu LTS + KDE desktop). -- I really hope you'll have the opportunity to make new games in the future ! -- oh and thank you so much for the DRM free version too !

Thank you so much for supporting gaming on Linux ! Also, been a big fan of your games for about 10 years. Will donate ASAP ! (difficult month for me ! :)

Hi ! I would love a MorphOS port too but I understand the additional work ! (yep I one of those VERY frustrated by the fact there were several Amiga NG OSes, OK, that happened 15-20 years ago !) I'm sure some people would love to do it for you if you accepted to state the port as "unofficial and unsupported" ;) Best regards !

Hi ! I hope you don't mind I made no donation here, I have already bought the boxed Amiga version :-) Thanks a lot, looking forward to playing in on my FPGA Amiga :-)

Dunno if that's possible, but Linux & Mac builds would be cool :)