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5Shapes - Action Puzzle now available on all platforms !

A topic by Ipsilon Developments created Feb 03, 2017 Views: 160 Replies: 2
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5 Shapes

Announcing the new game from Ipsilon Developments !

This time, an addicting action puzzle. Swipe, rotate the base and place the 5 different shapes. How much can you last?

Your goal is to fit the 5 different shapes objects in their place in the circular base. Sound easy right?

Not so much when:

  • Pieces are spawned aleatory
  • Increasing spawn time
  • Increasing dropping speed
  • Rotating pieces
  • Morphing pieces ! you don't know what is the final piece until the last moment !

Free for mobile, $0.99 usd for desktop, available on all platforms.

Download NOW at:


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sorry, actually i checked the rules before posting, but i messed up somehow. Just fixed it !