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Cover Image or Icon?

A topic by CaseyDeCoder created 8 days ago Views: 22 Replies: 3
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I noticed that when I added a cover image to my game, it got displayed in the browser as an icon, like so:

Since I like me some attention to detail, I chose to make my cover images all be simple descriptive icons. Neat!

But then I return to my creator page and am horrified to see this:

Whatever styling I had gets ruined by the white background. When I insert a png, I expect a transparent background.

I would love for the failsafe white background to go away all together. I think creators are smart enough to add a custom background to their images themselves if they so wish, and there are even free online tools to do it.

However, with a custom background, the image doesn't look nice as a browser icon anymore. So perhaps the cover image should be separated from the browser icon altogether and it should just be the beautiful itch logo up in there.


You can add a proper favicon to your project from the Metadata tab, under Promo Images.

I see... thanks a lot, I hadn't looked in the widgets yet!


Ah, I'm sorry. Since you can separate the favicon from the cover images, I will make some better cover images for those games. That fixes my issue then, thanks a lot!