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I made it futher than when I played NorthBury Grove but.. (Part 1)

A topic by Lucysoft created Nov 07, 2019 Views: 55 Replies: 2
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I played this ages ago but took my sweeeet time getting around to editing and uploading it. It does really feel like an improvement on the first game and I was luckily in a better mental state this time so enjoyed playing it more than NorthBury Grove (which was still great, but the spooks debilitated me). I'll be uploading part 2 in a couple days and link it here too. Now I have to get around to playing more of your wicked games! 

Part 2! <3


Hey Lucy! Sorry we're so late! We're super famous now...... Just kidding 😭

Excited to watch! We were getting nostalgic over our older games and what better way to indulge than watch a newer playthrough!


Scythe Dev Team