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Hey there, I know it's been awhile but I played this lovely little game back in September but took a break from my channel so only uploaded the footage today. I really loved how wholesome it was and enjoyed it loads (even if I feared the worst!). Thanks for making and sharing it with us all! 

Part 4~ 
See you again after I play the latest update!

At least I always seem to have more of the game to look forward to! I'n glad you keep working on it. Thanks for the thumbnail compliment, if you've completely rebuild it again I'll have to update it a little when I upload videos of the latest build!

Hello! It is I, the woman who only seems to upload videos of outdated footage of your game! I played it again in September before the latest update after I was told how to actually grow into a giantess in my YouTube comments. (I just took a long time to get around to editing the footage whoops) I have a part 4 coming from this same gameplay session in a few days as well. See in a few months when I upload what will then be outdated footage of the current build <3 

Part 2! <3

I played this ages ago but took my sweeeet time getting around to editing and uploading it. It does really feel like an improvement on the first game and I was luckily in a better mental state this time so enjoyed playing it more than NorthBury Grove (which was still great, but the spooks debilitated me). I'll be uploading part 2 in a couple days and link it here too. Now I have to get around to playing more of your wicked games! 

Hey there, first of all, thank you so much for providing a free demo for this game and allowing people to make videos on it. I was really looking forward to playing this game but if I'm honest, I was disappointed. I think there are so many concepts in this game and I love the world building details but I could not get passed the combat difficulty. I will admit that I didn't focus on eating as much as I probably should have but that's largely because I got overwhelmed by the enemies surrounding me. I actually played the demo a fair while ago now so it looks like the combat may have been better balanced since then so good on you for taking that feedback on board and addressing that issue. I do get pretty annoyed in this video but maybe I'll need to play it again sometime, does the current demo have gameplay outside of combat? 

Thanks so much for this game! It wasn't what I was expecting at all (even knowing it isn't what you expect!) and I love how it is simultaneously so hellish yet so wholesome. I hope you do more with these concepts and themes in the future! (I put in the description of my video that the game has been updated since I played it and encourage people to play it!) 

Thank you so much for making this game available. I'm going to have to go back to it and try again to finish it (and the other game) but I honestly got so scared I had to stop! Fantastic atmosphere!

Hello, I'm back! Previously I played this game literally one day before you uploaded the major update that is basically a remake of the entire game. I think you've done a great job creating something crisper and cleaner and I even think it controls better. I was disappointed to see that suburb mode is gone but I understand you might not have been able to remake that yet so I hope its back in a future update. As you might see at the start of my video I was incredibly excited to play giantess mode but that excitement turned to extreme frustration as I just could not get to the point where I actually get to grow into a giant! I hope it becomes a bit easier to access in the future because I really want to play it! I also think that blue light inside the building teleporting you back to the start of the level before that SUPER long walk is a bad idea as I kept walking into it backwards accidentally. I get decently in the video but don't take it personally! I'll be following the development of the game for sure!

I LOVED this game. The aesthetic is so good and it controls really well too! There are some a few English problems in the text but they'd be easy fixes. I hope there are more interesting/a variety of environments and enemies in the final version. I'm also looking forward to uncovering the story. Thanks so much for making the demo available, I played it on my YouTube channel.  

I really like it! It's a much chiller experience than a lot of the games I play for my channel but I could sink so much time into this game. I'll planning to get a few videos out of it for my channel! I find the font really hard to read though so I do hope that is changed before the full release. 

I am IN LOVE with the ideas and the aesthetics of this game but I just can't enjoy it very much in it's current state. The controls are too difficult for me and I feel like the grinding especially does not lock on in a large enough radius for practical game play. I really hope these things are improved because I would be so so so so keen on playing this game in its entirely if the movement controls are improved.  Thank you for making it and providing a free demo regardless! <3

Thanks for the game! I really liked the concept and the style but did find it a bit too hard to navigate at the end so I gave up before finding the key. Amazing work for 4 days though! 

I'm so glad this game is still in development! I loved it and wanted more. A multiplayer mode would be really great if you're considering it. Thanks for making the alpha available for free! 

Bless you for this creation. I'm really bad at it so can't actually get beyond the first 6 eggs but its cool I can still see the start of the other chapters anyway. This scared me more than any other horror game I've played...

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Thanks for the game! Tbh I did find the gameplay a bit repetitive but it was still fun so well done on the game jam! I played it for my  youtube channel 

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Ummm, according to the other comments there IS giantess mode. I might have to play again!

I'm so bad at it that I couldn't finish gauntlet mode but I kind of loved it regardless. Suburb mode was more my style. I would love it if you could play as the alien giants too

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Thanks so much for making this available for free, I had a lot of fun playing it! (Although I think at one point I broke it, but it worked again when I got outside) I didn't find it too dark while playing but when I was editing it I had to turn up the brightness for others to watch. I'd love to see more from this!

Very colorful game that controls well and was just generally a peaceful and cute time! Would be great for kids or just casual players. It has a dark premise but that’s almost refreshing for the type of game it is. Well done and i hope you do something more in a similar style in the future! 

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I already commented on GameJolt for this alpha so hope you don't mind me sharing here as well! Thanks for offering the first chapter for free! I got spooked/10 

I honestly can't praise this game enough. I LOVE IT! I seriously hope you do more with it. I'm releasing my gameplay of it on my Youtube and part 1 (of 4) went live this morning. 

Wow I can't believe it's coming out soon! I found a few things in the demo frustrating when I played it for my YouTube channel but I think I'll have to try again when the full release is out. Well done!

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I really enjoyed this game! I've broken my playthrough up into a 7 part series and the first part went live today! So great that I was able to play a free alpha demo of this, sorry that almost all the YouTude videos (at least that I've seen) compare the character design to American McGee's Alice hahaha