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THE RETURN OF THE RATKING(S)! - Missed you last year but you absolutely delivered another masterpiece with this one! 

This is the most amazing game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Thank you for your service to this world

That's fantastic to hear! I'll jump right on it when those features are implemented!

Hey I'd really love to buy and play this but I can tell from videos that the head bobbing will absolutely make me feel sick. Will that, and any potential motion blur, be togglable in a future update? (or even the full release)

Always happy to see you're still working on this :) I check back every now and then for updates and seeing this post made me really happy! Looking forward to the next update when it's ready~

I'm currently on a break from content creation but the developer of this game reached out to me with a code to play this game and it peaked my interest so much that I made time for it anyway! I'm glad I did (I think?) While it's a good game it is NOT a fun time. The warning at the start isn't lying. If you like emotionally messed up games this is for you! It made me sad, which I'm fairly certain it set out to do, so good job!

Part 2 has me falling more and more in love with the little details of the game like fleshing fears and romantic slaps to the back of the head 😘

I played all the way through this a couple of nights ago and I LOVED IT! 

The art style (which is all hand drawn!), the atmosphere (the level design, the real sense of danger from enemies, creature design and sound design), and the game mechanics (choices in first person or traditional attack styles, defeat or outlast bosses, avoid enemies, limited sword use, dialogue options, emotion system, fears based on your choices). It is clear the developer has but so much love and attention to detail in this game that is very rarely seen from first time developers. I play a lot of game demos and indie horror games and this is unlike anything I have encountered. I am absolutely smitten with The Dream of Shadowlands! 

Two of my main critiques are some of the bosses are super hard (the main boss and out running the imp) so I'd appreciate a difficulty option in the future and I noticed when editing my video that I did forget to use some of the game mechanics I was initially excited for (first person combat and talking in save rooms) because they were only mentioned to me in text form at the very start and I forgot. 

I will be giving to the kickstarter campaign for this game and I highly recommend you do too!  

I've included the video link here for part 1 and there will be about 6 parts in total!

I was using a ps4 controller. Good luck fixing it! Its great that youre putting in the time and effort to do so 😊

It was already plugged in as I was using it in the haunted ps1 mueseum 🤷‍♀️

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Heylooo, I played your game as part of the 2021 Haunted PS1 demo disc and shook my fists at the screen a lot. Good game though! Great atmosphere, captivating aesthetic and the demon trees got me every time 

My second video from the disc (I will probably take a year to play them all tbh)  is me playing The Salt Order which I found very difficult BUT it is pretty good. If you like seeing an australian woman in her 20s shake her fists in frustration a lot, this video is for you! 

I played Fiend's Isle in the 2021 Haunted PS1 Demo Disc and IT WAS HECKIN HARD (at least for me) but now I only look back on it fondly so it definitely did something right! Also the music is so relaxing, it helps hold down the rage from dying 20 times in 15 minutes. The mace is my boyfriend now. 

IMMA PLAY ALL 25 GAMES THIS TIME I SWEAR IT! Part 1 is Fiend's Isle and IT WAS HECKIN HARD (at least for me) but now I only look back on it fondly so it definitely did something right! Also the music is so relaxing, it helps hold down the rage from dying 20 times in 15 minutes. The mace is my boyfriend now. 
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You will be my last 2020 Haunted PS1 Demo I play,

until mine chest swells for the past. 

My future is held 

in the heart of a museum in the year '21. 

I played this as part of the 2020 Haunted PS1 Demo Disc (yes, I'm STILL going through that one even though the 2021 one is out now) and it was really cool! I'm really happy to hear that is it is still being developed because I'd love to spend more time in the world of the game and uncover more of the story (plus I could just eternally live in that apartment in the rain)

The indent increases! 
I had the ickiest times so far with Filthbreed for part 8!

This game is amazing. Like I never expected it to be SO GOOD! Genuinely thank you so much for creating this I love it so much and I'm going to be playing it more for sure! [And I can't wait to explore any future content updates as well!] 

I played the demo while exploring the PS1 Haunted Demo Disc and LOVED IT! I'm sad to hear it's been cancelled but watching curiously for what else you might develop in the future because I was sucked into the story for this HARD

For part 7 I played Until Biglight and despite a few problems running it, I am so sad to find out its been cancelled, I loved it!

Oooò character creation sounds really cool!

I'm so glad you're continuing to work on it! Can't wait to play more 😊

I know it's been a while (coming up to a year now omg) but I played this game recently on the 2020 PS1 Haunted Demo Disc and it was pretty sweet! Love the aggressively ominous themes

Still playing! Part 6 is Orange County which continued to hit me with the low poly creepies! Some of the games don't actually work at all for me but I'll keep playing through the ones that do and I look forward to the 2021 edition!

I am a little late to sharing my experience with this masterpiece that is also a vehicle for electrical outlet torture but thank you very much for the game. I love it, it just doesn't love me 

Part 6~ The clog, swirly D, my fetish friend, and me!

Hey there! I played your game as part five of my trek through the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc (I actually started the disc in February but ya know, 2020). At first I thought I was perhaps being offered respite from the spooky times but the spooky times met me again at a sweet Finnish rave so that's cool. 
Really happy to hear this is being made into a full game and I will play it for sure when it comes out! (Sorry I am so late I missed the Kickstarter but congrats on making your goals, YAY!)

Parto Fiveo is Sauna 2000 which legit tricked and betrayed me. Super happy to find out that it is being developed into a full game!

Toilet time!

I played the demo as part of the PS1 Haunted Demo Disc.

Great job on the creepy atmosphere and being able to uncover a story. I think I'll have to play the full version for sure some time!

For part 4 it's A Place, Forbidden and a lot of bad voice acting (from me)! 

There are more parts coming out soon *wink wink*

Heyyyy I first played this back in the Juice World days (April?) and loved it. 
I revisited the game this week after you've released months of updates and armed with some tips I got in the comments on my original videos I was able to find so much more! I have more parts of this gameplay session coming out soon (I'll post them as replies in here, not new topics) and I'm going to keep following the game for sure because it remains spectacular. 


The third game is Tasty Ramen! How can a game be so cute and so tense!? I loved it!

Hey there, I am sloowwwly making my way through the Haunted PS1 Demo disc and your game was the third one I played.
And. I. Love. It!
I will absolutely for sure have to play more from your newer versions and thank you so much for making it!

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Killer Bees wasn't exactly what I expected it to be BUT it was a good time and somehow still managed to jump scare me because I constantly have the heebie jeebies.

I know I'm hella late but with the shitshow year we've been having I'm only just editing footage from February. Whoops. 

I played the demo as part of the PS1 Haunted Demo Disc and I knew right away that I wanted to start with Neko Yume. It feels like if David Lynch made playstation one games about cats while on LSD and I absolutely love it. I hope you're continuing development on this game because I can see myself playing A LOT of it. If you aren't, I'm incredibly grateful for what you have bestowed upon us all, nonetheless. 

I know I'm hella late but with the shitshow year we've been having I'm only just editing footage from February . Whoops. 

I decided to start with Neko Yume and I intend to play my way through all the demos included to celebrate the spooky season 👻 [I recorded some new ones last night I swear]
I'd like to share all the videos here so I'll likely reply to this initial post rather than clogging up all the comments. Hope that's chill with everyone!

I will be checking back for sure!

I realised it is no longer available for download... AH WELL. Still keeping my eye on this one and instead perhaps I shall play the full game after release