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render problem: partially repeating tiled screen

A topic by mudbrick created Nov 06, 2019 Views: 37 Replies: 3
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Hello and thank you for making Prism I just bought it. I hope this bug report helps.

v on OSX

The whole window shows a repeated copy of the screen complete with mouse pointer, shifted off to the side on a dark grey background. It's very distracting and looks quite yucky but it seems to just be a visual glitch. The mouse pointer(s) correctly click the on-screen button(s). Plural because there are duplicates on the screen. 

See screenshot:


Thanks - I’ve seen this bug on other platforms, but thought it had already been resolved - it’s something to do with different GPU drivers setting things up differently

Can you try pressing F5, which should be the hotkey to toggle the flags that drive the logic around the fix, and tell me if it gets better (or worse?) - it looks like it’s not autodetecting the wrong state properly on Mac

yes that fixes it!

Weird, why are you writing gpu-driver specific code paths? What graphics API are you writing to?