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Weird, why are you writing gpu-driver specific code paths? What graphics API are you writing to?

yes that fixes it!

Hello and thank you for making Prism I just bought it. I hope this bug report helps.

v on OSX

The whole window shows a repeated copy of the screen complete with mouse pointer, shifted off to the side on a dark grey background. It's very distracting and looks quite yucky but it seems to just be a visual glitch. The mouse pointer(s) correctly click the on-screen button(s). Plural because there are duplicates on the screen. 

See screenshot:

Thanks Misfit, it looks very nice. Did you write it in BASIC or in a machine-code monitor on a real VIC, or maybe in assembly on a modern computer and cross-assemble it?

I'm getting my old VIC-20 up and running - just need a monitor cable - and I'd like to try developing on it like I did when I was a kid. Although I imagine cross-development with an emulator would be more comfortable.

what was your development process for making this game?