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Can't find my game in searchbox

A topic by Underdog Games created 15 days ago Views: 31 Replies: 4
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Hello, I am an aspiring game developer, I've recently uploaded a game called 'Ang Ospital' (The Hospital) and just wondering why I can't find my game in the searchbox.

Can you guys help me out?


Yes. As mentioned in the FAQ, games with a price tag attached have to be seen by an admin before showing up in search results. That normally takes 24-36 hours. but the weekend tends to delay reviews. Please allow for another day. Thank you.

My game is not yet seen. I know weekends tend to delay but I posted it on saturday.


Yes, and it could take until Monday morning. Which isn't until a few more hours in California, where is based. If it takes much longer than that, I'll let an admin know.

Thank you.