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Pelt 'Em: Quake in a Ball Pit with Kids

A topic by Eric Guadara created Jan 30, 2017 Views: 116
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Just getting around to posting this:

Last week my team made Pelt 'Em for the 2017 Global Game Jam. It's an arena shooter, except you're pelting children in a ball pit. It's got a sense of humor.


WASD moves

Left Shit runs

Space jumps

Hold Right Click to suck up balls and add them to your ball pit cannon. Max 4 balls, which rotate around the tip of your cannon

Left Click will shoot the top-most ball rotating around your cannon.

Check a slightly sped up gameplay vid below:

Can you get through and beyond Wave 10? There's a dark narrative somewhere in there.


Programming, Audio - Eric Guadara
Programming, Design - Ryan Cantar
Design - Gerard Gilmartin
Design, Art - Cheng Zhang

Protip: I find the best strategy to be running and jumping a LOT. The balls in the pit slow you down substantially, so bunny-hopping is the way to go.