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Turbulence Ahead: Infinite helicopter runner with watercolor graphics and mouse-only controls

A topic by max levine stuff created Jan 30, 2017 Views: 111
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Fly a helicopter through a hurricane! Use the mouse to control the helicopter, and avoid running into turbulence. Explore a rich, watercolor world.

5 years ago I started this project; Today I finished it. I did this in conjunction with the Finally Finish Something jam. It's so odd that a few minutes of time so long ago could have such a big effect five years later. It took me a few hours this morning to turn the ancient prototype into a polished product. My motivation is that I'm going back and finishing unfinished projects, as a way to bolster my portfolio.

A funny bit of canon: Yes, the helicopter is caught in a hurricane. "But if it flies long enough it will escape, right?" No, this is an endless runner. If you play long enough, you will see that the background is looping - the helicopter is flying in circles. Silly helicopter!