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Itch App problem?

A topic by eQuiinox_67 created Jan 30, 2017 Views: 416 Replies: 5
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So i decided it would be useful to use this itch desktop app for downloading and updating games. The problem is the setup.exe that i seem to be downloading just seems to be incomplete or something because it fails every time i try to run the setup. Is there something im doing wrong or is the download just broken at the moment?


So let's review a few things:

  • The file is named itchSetup.exe and weights around 60MB?
  • When double-clicking it, you see an "itch" splashscreen for a few seconds?
  • Are you running any anti-virus software?
  • Can you look in your tray icon area if there's the itch logo? (a white controller slightly slanted)
Do you see any error messages when it "fails" ?

Sorry for the late reply, i will actually be going to bed right after this so it will be probably after 5pm GMT when i respond again after this.

Basically i do not see any splash screen pop-up but you are correct that it is around 60mb in size. I double click the .exe and this is all i see.

I run Bullguard anti-virus and haven't tried to disable that first yet but i guess il try that tommorow now. Maybe the error message tells you all you need to know anyway or maybe not :P

Thanks for any help in advance anyway


See the 'Open setup log' button? It should open a window with some messages. I'd really like to look at those messages, it'd be great if you could post them!

It appears that it has fixed itself and installed i think. I just double clicked the setup.exe and it appears to be now installed instead of giving me an error so presumably if i had restarted my computer it may have worked although i did check multiple times on Task Manager to make sure nothing to do with was running before attempting to run the setup.exe again. Maybe it was some hidden process running to do with itch already after i had pressed to install it the first time.

Thanks for your help anyway its much appreciated :P


Ah, that's good to hear! Enjoy the app!