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Making Modular Models Guide?

A topic by Bensen created Oct 29, 2019 Views: 304 Replies: 1
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Do you consider creating a supportive guide regarding creating models/textures that are just made to work perfectly with MAST?


You already got some experience creating a hand full packages. Yet their styles are a little bit different. Please share what you consider working best with MAST.

I've personally never created any game level ever. But I like grid styles in general (like web design) and damn I like using modularly usable things.


So I think alot of people using MAST will start thinking about this approach. Also I think if the creator of MAST would share some of his toughts and experiences of making modular models would be a great plus (and brings some traffic in).

Is that something you would work on?


Other than stating that they should measure 1x1x1 with center x and z at 0 and base y at 0, what else should I say?  Is there a specific modelling program you need help with?  I use MOI and a little bit of Blender