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Lag help

A topic by Spookyghosts created Jan 28, 2017 Views: 633 Replies: 9
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My game is currently unplayable as it's running at 4FPS tops. During 1.04 I had been told to check my graphics card and I have managed to update it, yet it had made no changes (Though I can see the water finally). Is it possible that my graphics card is not compatible? Or is it something else entirely?

If anyone has an answer please help out! Thanks!

what is your graphics card?

ATI Radeon HD 4200

i think your graphics card is outdated

I'll look into it further, thanks!

Your welcome =D

what kind of computer do you have

hp running on windows 7

Pretty sure, I'm not always 100% with computer information, so hopefully it answers the question.

i have a hp windows 8 computer and my fps is around 0-20 so it's ram or video card if you want it to run better you need to get your computer upgraded or get a new computer

Oh I see, thanks for the help!