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I'll look into it further, thanks!

Oh I see, thanks for the help!

hp running on windows 7

Pretty sure, I'm not always 100% with computer information, so hopefully it answers the question.

ATI Radeon HD 4200

I actually really love some of the ideas you have, especially the flooding and weather one!

Though I just want to say that adding islands to the game defeats the game's purpose. Which is to survive on a raft and what's given to you from the sea.

Suggestions for future and much later updates:

1) Underwater exploration. You can collect different materials instead of the ones floating around, and the shark/other creatures can be a threat

2) Instead of islands (because the whole concept is to survive on a raft), why not have broken down boats/other rafts deserted in the sea?

3) Maybe some other decorations like a sail, flag, or a small plant

4) Possibly other threats to damage your raft in different ways? Like a storm or other animals out in the water. They can take more parts of your raft or only one object (Like walls)

As a side note I want to say thanks for making this game! The concept of surviving on a raft is pretty neat and I like the gameplay so far. I hope you guys don't rush or over work on the game, we can always wait :D

At the moment it's an issue that the developers are working on. They don't have a current fix for it yet though. Sorry!

Raft community · Created a new topic Lag help

My game is currently unplayable as it's running at 4FPS tops. During 1.04 I had been told to check my graphics card and I have managed to update it, yet it had made no changes (Though I can see the water finally). Is it possible that my graphics card is not compatible? Or is it something else entirely?

If anyone has an answer please help out! Thanks!