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there is a mod for that it pops up if you search raft on its called demons multiplayer but its kinda glitchy they might have fixed it since i tried it but all you do to install it is one:make a backup of your raft data file acutal name: V1.05_Raft_Win64_Data if you have version 1.05 anyways Hope This Helped =3

Your welcome =D

i think your graphics card is outdated

4GBs should work

Boats would be cool like you could find a small island and build on that (what could be on said islands:Crabs,Coconuts,Tree's(duh),

and a separate idea would be diving under water for extra resources (at risk of death from shark)

so these are some ideas i had for the game,Well also controller support could be cool not really need though.

what is your graphics card?

gb of what ram?