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Code7 not starting under MacOS-10.15

A topic by internalservererror created Oct 27, 2019 Views: 47 Replies: 3
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after enabling accessibility mode as usual with CTRL+V when starting the game, it hangs for quite a long time, after which point the music will start playing with no TTS. I am running the game under a completely unprivileged user (not one that is in the admin group). Has anyone been able to get it running under 10.15? What did you have to do in order to do so? Thanks.


we've tested the game under OS X 10.15 and haven't found any issues regarding the TTS.
However, the game has some rights requirements to write the save files to the hard drive and before it enters the main menu there's a popup asking for permissions. That message is integrated into OS X and not into the game though. Did OS X read that to you? Otherwise maybe you have to tab back into the game.

It could also be that you are pressing CTRL+V too early. When you're hearing the main menu music did you try pressing CTRL+V then?


Hello @Goodwolfstudio,

the only access I have been asked for as far as I am aware is Input Monitoring, which I enabled; what other permissions does the game require? Full Disk Access? I also checked all requested permissions, and the only one being requested was Input Monitoring; regarding hitting CTRL+V after the music starts, this has never been possible in the past; presumably it is possible now?


I ended up giving the game full disk access, hit CTRL+V after the music started and got speech. Regardless, it took quite a while to load. Thanks for the suggestion.