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No everything is available in blind friendly mode. You have to enter the office in the matrix club.

hello. it might be that this is connected to an issue with a dialog problem. the training missions start a dialog that sapi has problems with. so if the game "hangs" it might be just waiting for you to make a dialogue choice that it didn't read to you. in that case pressing e.g. 1 or 2 should continue the dialogue and everything should continue working as it should.

In the case of the long wait it might just be a case of a slow computer. In general the time between the announcement and the menu start is the time in which the loading screens are shown. generally this should only take a few seconds, but the slower the pc the longer it can take. if the above solution doesn't work for the muffin games this could also be the case when loading them and it just taking a long time.

we've tested the game under OS X 10.15 and haven't found any issues regarding the TTS.
However, the game has some rights requirements to write the save files to the hard drive and before it enters the main menu there's a popup asking for permissions. That message is integrated into OS X and not into the game though. Did OS X read that to you? Otherwise maybe you have to tab back into the game.

It could also be that you are pressing CTRL+V too early. When you're hearing the main menu music did you try pressing CTRL+V then?


got the whole bundle and it seems like a great set. only thing I'm missing is a few torches,  fire/smoke animations to put on top of them and the bonfire to make this truly complete.

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We have started a community-challenge that can unlock the unique character "Linnea" and her side-quest for Episode 1: Threading. If we reach 100 supporters on Thunderclap, this content will be implemented into the finished game. Find the Thunderclap here.

We are currently at 55 supporters, so we need just 45 more with four days to go.

She will confess to you that she has smuggled her twin sister Jenna onto the station, because administration has denied her stay. They both share Linnea's identity. But when her sister suddenly goes missing, she gets worried someone could have found out and asks you for help to find out what happened to her.

If you don't know Thunderclap:
1) Click on the link
2) Click on one or more of the support buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr)
3) Give Thunderclap the rights to post the message ONCE (the one displayed on top)
4) if we reach 100 supporters the message will be shared simultaneously next Saturday by all supporters (automatically) + Code 7 will have a new character and quest

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We launched the Kickstarter campaign for Code 7 and released "Episode 0: Allocation" as a free download on September 22nd. The campaign will run 35 days and the goal is to raise 15.000 € for the upcoming five chapters. More information can be found at our Kickstarter Campaign.

"Episode 0: Allocation" is a complete remake of the Code 7 prototype that was released in 2015 and features a lot of gameplay tweaks, new mechanics and professional voice actors. After exhibiting the game on events like A Maze Berlin, gamescom Cologne or Radius Festival Vienna, we've gathered a lot of feedback so we could create an interface that feels good and is easy to use. The biggest changes are:

  • Advanced Auto-Complete: You can not only auto-complete commands by using TAB or RETURN but the game also shows you all commands that are currently available.
  • Interactive Map: A minimalistic map will show you the location of the main character and all important assets and threats in the location, you can navigate the main character through this map in real time.
  • New Hacking-Game: The new mini-game is based on the real hacking method "Man-In-The-Middle" Attack and needs more strategy and skill than the previous version.
  • Database: You can look up information in a Database and thereby receive mandatory and optional information. Additionally the game saves found information like login names or passwords.
  • Apps and Systems: We have added some more variety in the form of different apps and systems you can and have to use. You can (or have to) make use of apps like e-mails, file-system, room settings, robot control and more.

The game runs on PC, Mac and Linux. More Details at our Kickstarter Campaign.