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I grabbed the bug fix release a little while ago; it appears the part I was stuck on has been entirely refactored...Interesting. Needless to say, I am past the part I was stuck on now. Presumably it didn't work as intended originally? I thought I was going crazy for a while there, but it was just a game bug that was plaguing me :)


it seems that there are differences in MITM implementations between standard gameplay mode and Blind Friendly mode, only the latter of which requires a specific tool. Given there is only one machine on that network where one can run the File Permissions utility, where is a good place to start looking for the tool that is required to MITM the customer registration box? Thanks!

In the Bookbinder mission, are the Matrix and Nemosynth puzzles missing parts in Blind Friendly mode? Matrix:

•Only one computer on the network contains software, not what is required though.

•Only one discoverable username on the two default-accessible machines, it isn't valid when tried on any others.

•Without the required software and no additional usernames, what to try next? Required software hidden away somewhere off the network perhaps?


•Required name not in any of the email, perhaps it is encoded in the Accessprotocol file? Something else entirely?

At this point I am rather stuck on these, any help regarding what directions to go with solutions to these, so as to get back on track would be much appreciated. Thanks!


pressing 1 or 2 during the Muffin game hang got me past it, thanks for the workaround. 8 minutes to load on a 2015 Macbook Pro (2.2GHz quad core I7)? Does the game attempt to check for updates after the initial announcement to enable Blind Friendly mode or something? I never saw this behavior on MacOS-10.14, from announcement to the main screen only took about 5 seconds.


while playing this episode, I noticed that all the level 1 Muffin training sessions (while loops and beyond) appear to hang the game when they are attempted; besides a complete restart, is there any way to get Karen speaking again after such a condition? More importantly, are there any known workarounds for avoiding the hang? Also more generally, while I am able to eventually get speech as mentioned in a prior thread, getting to this point takes around 8 minutes from the initial announcement. Why is this? I am on MacOS-10.15.3. Thanks.


I ended up giving the game full disk access, hit CTRL+V after the music started and got speech. Regardless, it took quite a while to load. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hello @Goodwolfstudio,

the only access I have been asked for as far as I am aware is Input Monitoring, which I enabled; what other permissions does the game require? Full Disk Access? I also checked all requested permissions, and the only one being requested was Input Monitoring; regarding hitting CTRL+V after the music starts, this has never been possible in the past; presumably it is possible now?


after enabling accessibility mode as usual with CTRL+V when starting the game, it hangs for quite a long time, after which point the music will start playing with no TTS. I am running the game under a completely unprivileged user (not one that is in the admin group). Has anyone been able to get it running under 10.15? What did you have to do in order to do so? Thanks.

Edit to earlier post/subject: I in fact meant Blind Friendly mode, not Blind Mode; regardless, I have found that running the game under a non-admin user works around the problem, I am presently unclear as to how though.

Hi all,

after hitting CTRL+V to enable the Blind Mode as it is termed, I hear what is presumably an acknowledgement tone, after which I hear no further output except for the music. Has anyone else run into this problem on the Mac version? Also as a test, I attempted to run the Windows version in a VM, but got a 'failed to initialize player' error. Are there any external dependencies that are required to run the game under Windows7? Thanks.

One thing I forgot to add, why can't we just drop in some files from the episode 1 download to make it available in the same self-voicing app that plays episode 0?

Are you any closer to a release date?

I should also point out that I was referring to the Mac version.

Hi all,

just purchased the game, and am not finding the visually impaired version of episodes 0/1; are these not available yet? If not, any idea when they will be? Thanks.