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Edit to earlier post/subject: I in fact meant Blind Friendly mode, not Blind Mode; regardless, I have found that running the game under a non-admin user works around the problem, I am presently unclear as to how though.

Hi all,

after hitting CTRL+V to enable the Blind Mode as it is termed, I hear what is presumably an acknowledgement tone, after which I hear no further output except for the music. Has anyone else run into this problem on the Mac version? Also as a test, I attempted to run the Windows version in a VM, but got a 'failed to initialize player' error. Are there any external dependencies that are required to run the game under Windows7? Thanks.

One thing I forgot to add, why can't we just drop in some files from the episode 1 download to make it available in the same self-voicing app that plays episode 0?

Are you any closer to a release date?

I should also point out that I was referring to the Mac version.

Hi all,

just purchased the game, and am not finding the visually impaired version of episodes 0/1; are these not available yet? If not, any idea when they will be? Thanks.