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Unable to enable Blind Mode

A topic by internalservererror created Dec 17, 2017 Views: 371 Replies: 4
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Hi all,

after hitting CTRL+V to enable the Blind Mode as it is termed, I hear what is presumably an acknowledgement tone, after which I hear no further output except for the music. Has anyone else run into this problem on the Mac version? Also as a test, I attempted to run the Windows version in a VM, but got a 'failed to initialize player' error. Are there any external dependencies that are required to run the game under Windows7? Thanks.

Edit to earlier post/subject: I in fact meant Blind Friendly mode, not Blind Mode; regardless, I have found that running the game under a non-admin user works around the problem, I am presently unclear as to how though.


Hello, internalservererror,
sorry that you had troubles starting the version and I'm glad that you could resolve it. A small portion of players experience issues with starting the VI version, we try to find out why. Thanks for the hint with the non-admin user. We'll look into that!

I am having  a similar problem.  I recently purchased this game at almost 17 dollars and cannot play it at all as I am blind and can only get music even though I pressed the ctrl+V keystroke announced for blind friendly mode.  when I did this, it did nothing.  no indication that I had even pressed it.  I hope someone can help me as I'd love to be able to play the game.  


Hi The Sky Dancer,

sorry for the troubles. Are you playing on Windows? If yes, which version? Can you try to hit N after pressing CTRL + V and see if the voice starts to read something.