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My payment for the game went through but the game isn’t showing up in my library

A topic by Metaparadox created Oct 25, 2019 Views: 156 Replies: 7
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PayPal shows the payment for the game, but when I was checking out it didn’t go through properly, so the game isn’t showing up in my account. What can I do to access the game?


Hi Metaparadox! I checked my paypal account, and it says your payment did go through but was then refunded. Itch isn’t showing the purchase of the game on my end either.  If you did get refunded, maybe just try again? If not, let me know, and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do.

Ah, thanks! I'll just try again


cool! Just let me know if you have any problems 

I tried again and the same thing happened. Is there any alternate way to pay?


Sorry for the problems! I just emailed a free download key to the email address associated with your PayPal. You could try to send the payment directly (it's konolgames at gmail), but honestly if it doesn't work, it's no big deal! 


Thank you! Paypalled you the money!