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Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to review it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for downloading!! Yeah, I’m also originally from PA and have spent a lot of time in all those places.  Thought they’d be an interesting and unexpected setting for something like this. Best of luck with your YouTube channel!


Sorry for the problems! I just emailed a free download key to the email address associated with your PayPal. You could try to send the payment directly (it's konolgames at gmail), but honestly if it doesn't work, it's no big deal! 

cool! Just let me know if you have any problems 

Hi Metaparadox! I checked my paypal account, and it says your payment did go through but was then refunded. Itch isn’t showing the purchase of the game on my end either.  If you did get refunded, maybe just try again? If not, let me know, and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do.

thanks for playing!! Loved the stop-motion bits in the middle. 

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Working on a fix...

Thanks for playing!! Also, congrats on being I think the first streamer to reach the end. The speed run time to beat is now 11:47!

Ahaha, sorry, the game definitely glitched on you. (You're supposed to be able to press all the buttons, not just that one.) My bad. 

Thanks for playing, though! Can I ask what you played it on (Windows, Mac, etc.)?

Thanks for playing! 


Thanks for playing it!

Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that the same thing has happened to them at some point. Food is just too loud!!

Thanks for playing!! Loved the parts of the video when it cut to a dramatic close-up!

oh shit, I guess a literal million people have now seen this game. Thanks for letting me know about the video!

Sorry, wish I could help, but if what I mentioned in the previous post doesn't work, I'm not sure what else to try... I've had the same issue with other games when I'm trying to download them on spotty internet. Usually deleting the file and re-downloading will fix it.


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Sorry, not sure what the problem would be... have you tried deleting the file and downloading it again? Sometimes that works. Or it might be your computer’s security settings: sometimes you can get around that by right-clicking and choosing Open. Hope this helps!

Thanks for playing!! Yeah, anyone who plays after watching this video is definitely in for a surprise!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it!!

Thanks for playing!! I always enjoy seeing how people react to the mudslide part!

Are you on Mac or PC?

Sometimes if it doesn't open, you can download a new copy and it will.

Or depending on your computer's security settings, you might have to right-click and choose open.

Thanks!! That was definitely the goal! Glad to see people are enjoying it!

Thanks for playing!! Loved the Godzilla graphic!

Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to see the choices people make. TJ's Peruvian corn seems to be a rare pick!

Thanks!! I always think it's fun when games have good character dynamics, so that's what my goal was for this game!

Thanks for playing! Yes, I think a lot of people know that same anxiety!

Sorry about the weird image angle--I had to tilt the paper kind of strange so the shadow of my smartphone wouldn't block the text.

Thanks for playing!! The sound effects were fun to do!

Awesome! Thanks for playing!!

Hey, thanks for playing! Seems like the pretzels are a popular choice!!

Thanks for playing!! Really enjoyed the part where you kept scrolling back and forth over the "Marianne" pronunciations until it made a whole symphony of pitch-shifted voices!

Thanks for playing! I agree, pretzels are a cool snack!!

Thanks!! Pretzels are a great snack--if they were just a little quieter, they'd be perfect!!!

Thanks for playing!! I actually do have a few ideas for if I ever do a sequel... but I also have a million other game projects I want to finish up. So we'll see!! I'll definitely be working on something.

Thanks so much!! Yes, I've always loved concise writing and thought I'd try taking it to the extreme for this game.