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Unity WebGL Auto-Detect Size not working

A topic by Spartan Game Labs created 24 days ago Views: 47 Replies: 3
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First of all, thank you for this amazing site that hosts games for free. So awesome.

I teach a game design class, and last year all of our Unity WebGL builds had Auto-detect size set on and worked fine. I just tried uploading our first two projects (links below), and both auto-detects give me errors. Instead i have to manually set the size.

Is this a known bug?

Thank you!


(P.S. Both projects are using Unity versions of 2019.2)

Project #1:

Project #2:

Error message:

There was a problem loading your project:

No dimensions provided or detected


It's a known bug with at least some versions of Unity, that don't provide the game dimensions correctly in HTML5 builds. I take it you upgraded in the mean time?

I just manually put in the sizes for now. Thank you for the heads up. 

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When I used unity before, I was also faced to that error message "There was a problem loading your project...." after that, another different statement, that I forgot.

Wait, do you teach game developing? Where are you from? I understand that you teach Unity. But can you teach the GameMakerStudio codes also? I know a few of GMS codes, but I don't understand them all!