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Luna Engine MV

A script that modifies RPG Maker MV UI easily · By Archeia


A topic by blazeblade11 created Oct 24, 2019 Views: 496 Replies: 8
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Hi, i tried Luna Engine with another plugin called "TAA_BookMenu" and i got an error.

I get the error whenever i try to access the scene "Scene_BookMenu", and i wondered if this is a conflict between the plugins, or if i require custom yaml files for the scene.


You need a custom yaml file at the moment

Hello Archeia! Im trying to make this work. I have experienced the same issue with the Book Menu. I tryed to use Luna with Yanfly Quest Journal and Yanfly Party plugin, but i couldnt get the yaml files to work. What i did, is to leave them like that ,with no Luna configuration and they work fine without yaml files,is there a way to make TAA_BookMenu work in the same way? 

Hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance!

I'm having trouble creating the yaml files, and i don't know if i'm doing any progress, and what i'm doing wrong.
I have deduced that the plugin uses 3 scenes (Scene_Menu, Scene_BookMenu and Scene_Book), and 4 windows (Window_MenuCommand, Window_BookList, BookTitle, BookText).

The scene i'm currently trying to manage (Scene_BookMenu) consists of 3 windows (Window_BookList, Window_BookTitle and Window_BookText).

I've tried to define the windows with templates with lackluster information, hoping it'd proceed to give me the next error in things i'd try to solve, but i only get the same error as last time.

BookList, BookTItle and BookText contain the same information.

Developer (1 edit)

I checked TAA_BookMenu and it does a lot of things that I don't think is going to be compatible with Luna Engine without writing snippets. For example the way it has its own JSON format.

Is there a way you could help me on creating a snippet at least for it to work? (Not for customization, only for the menu to open)I will be eternally grateful!

HI, did you figure out how to  detect new scene created by three party plugin under Luna Engine?

I'm having the same issue trying to create ymls for custom scenes, either I'm naming the yml file wrong or am missing something in the windows/components


It depends on what plugin. What answers another doesn't mean it will work for all plugins.