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Fake reviews

A topic by Sgt.H created 25 days ago Views: 66 Replies: 2
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Hello guys, 

I recently noticed that some months ago, our game had been "bombed" negatively with a handful of fake reviews. In 4 minutes, 5 accounts with very similar names, freshly created for that, left each a 1 star review (the game doesn't have many reviews, but all the other ones are 4 and 5 stars).

Now, beside who might have done it or not (that i don't care much), it's quite bad looking because our itch page shows up among the first ones on google, and having few reviews, these fake ones are pretty impacting on the score.

I did write to the support email, but I got no answer, have you had similar cases, and how did you handle them?

Cheers and thanks in advance!



Thanks for the report. I’ve cleaned those reports up.

We’re in the process of refactoring our ratings and reviews system, and we’ll be addressing issues like this in the future.

Thank you very much @leafo! Appreciated!

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