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make better

A topic by jomsviking created Jan 24, 2017 Views: 1,461 Replies: 4
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one of the things i saw in this game is how to make certain weapons. you should add a little book that sits on its own table for the user to look at for controls, weapon bulids, and how to works things. also with the game i think you should make a save progress feature so you can keep your shop up and running without having to restart. then you should add a day to day system thing, add doors on the shop, upstairs make a bed and a room. at the end of the day you lock up the shop and go to sleep and wake up the next morning and go at it again. another thing i would like to see is the npcs come and go as they please asking for weapons, there should be an order book where it keeps track of the customer that comes in and orders. then when you make a weapon and put it into your inventory area it will put a little green check mark next to the customer that ordered that weapon. because with this you have an idea of what your making, and who has ordered things. this game has some really big potential and you could make alot of money on this when it is complete.


Hey Jomsviking.

Really appreciate the feedback.

Pretty much everything you said will be in the next update or is in the work.

There is a "Order book" of sorts on the wall right beside the furnace.(Maybe a bad spot) Where you can see what you sold, to which customer and for how much. Let me know if you don't see it or if its not updating.

You can view controls if you press the ESC key and choose controls. Hoping to add keybinding.

I will look into a method to make, possible weapon builds more obvious. Especially when the Customer is asking for a certain type of weapon but the Player doesn't know which part is needed, to meet that demand. An important factor I want is build freedom. So I will be trying to add weapon parts that can be put together with other parts that normally would not be possible in the real world.

Again, thank you for your feedback.

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Since this is a make better discussion I got few ideas if I can say them.

I haven't played the game for too long so some of this might be in game already.

- Making armor (new icon in anvil)

- A leather crafting station (for leather straps, leather armor and stuff)

- You are basically selling dull blades so a new sharpening stone (and well next to it because you need to pour water on the stone or cool of a blade)

- And since we are talking about wells make it so the water will slowly evaporate from the heat. Then you need to refill a bucket.

- Building your own shop (or customizing it - decorations and making the place bigger)

I got more ideas but I let you guys think about these first.

P.S. - Great game. 

make better is with monthly updates? game been ded for like a year now?


its not dead on patreon :)