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one of the things i saw in this game is how to make certain weapons. you should add a little book that sits on its own table for the user to look at for controls, weapon bulids, and how to works things. also with the game i think you should make a save progress feature so you can keep your shop up and running without having to restart. then you should add a day to day system thing, add doors on the shop, upstairs make a bed and a room. at the end of the day you lock up the shop and go to sleep and wake up the next morning and go at it again. another thing i would like to see is the npcs come and go as they please asking for weapons, there should be an order book where it keeps track of the customer that comes in and orders. then when you make a weapon and put it into your inventory area it will put a little green check mark next to the customer that ordered that weapon. because with this you have an idea of what your making, and who has ordered things. this game has some really big potential and you could make alot of money on this when it is complete.

could i have a refund of this game please. i purchased it for $0.50 and i hated it. there is no point to it. you are in an endless loop of creating tools. plus when you make the weapons each customer gives you more and more resources. sooner or later your entire shop is nothing but handles, metal, and sword handles and middles and what not. also to mention the coins, the customers pay with coins, but what good are the coins when you cant do anything with them. useless things taking up space. i would say to make this better you should make levels and have save progress and have incomes. the people pay for weapons and then you use that money to expand your blacksmith shop and buy more weapons to make and upgrade equipment. there is a lot of potential in this game and i would like to see that happen and be put into the steam greenlight. then i would so buy this game on steam and play it all the time.