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Images not showing

A topic by m.southern created 37 days ago Views: 38 Replies: 3
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I'm new here and to the game development world. My game is a class assignment. I loaded the game and it plays fine. However, my images and sounds are not working. They are all in the assets folder that I uploaded. Is there something different I should be doing? My professor only said to have them in the folder before I compressed it to upload. Any advice would be much appreciated.  I searched for help with this but all the posts seem to be one to three years old. 


If I'm reading this correctly, your index.html is in the same folder as the assets (named gamefinal), yet you give the relative path to the pictures as e.g. "gamefinal/stars.jpg". It should be just "stars.jpg".

Thank you!!! That worked. Now to fix all the images.


Oops, I forgot to say you could more easily move index.html out of the gamefinal folder. You can still put them in an archive together just fine..