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HELP Game Is Failing To Launch

A topic by Charshie created 37 days ago Views: 39 Replies: 1
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I just bought the game "Throw Cubes Into Bricks Towers To Collaspes Them" and after downloading it I went to launch it and it does want to launch. It will start going through the launch proccess, opening this small cube with the unity logo, and Ill see the app on my task bar, and then it just goes away. Nver takes me into the game. No error messages, nothing. Please help me I paid for this and its going to waste. I can provide any data needed.


If you mean this game:

You would have to contact the developer directly.  They have a comments section where you can post.  They've also included their email address there for people to contact them.  And one of the suggestions to someone else was to try and play the game through the app / game console.