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Almost all visuals are not displaying or broken

A topic by Indybird5000 created Oct 11, 2019 Views: 132 Replies: 1
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Sorry for the second thread, but this is a completely different and very drastic issue.

95% of the game's visuals aren't appearing for me? The Opening logo animation I see on the trailer video isn't there, instead I get the sound over a black screen.

The title screen looks like this. No RESPITE logo, and the colours are very different from the ones shown in the trailer.

When I begin, the first sequence is completely black. I can hear some wonderful music, but nothing happens in the game window. No shadows, no moving gradients of dark. Nothing.

The second sequence comes in after the first, but something actually happens here. I get a very dark scene with odd white rectangles moving over a yellow background. It very very vaguely resembles the moving scenery I see in the trailer video.

I had a friend try the game and they said something was definitely wrong on my end. With that in mind, I've restarted my computer a number of times and done a clean graphics driver update on my AMD card to the latest recommended release. None of that helped.


Something is definitely wrong here, but I've never run into anything like this. I think there is something about one of the shaders I use that your computer doesn't like. Can you email your specs to I'll see what I can find out in the mean time.