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Resolution issue?

A topic by Indybird5000 created Oct 11, 2019 Views: 249 Replies: 4
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When I first extracted and launched the game, the settings displayed my native 1920x1080, with full screen turned on. But it was actually running in a window at some unknown resolution. I swapped through the settings,  and there seem to be no widescreen resolutions available.

Given the game's aesthetics, is the aspect ratio limitation intentional and the game was just listing my native resolution falsely? Or is there some sort of bug I'm experiencing?


The aspect ratio is purposefully restricted to 4:3. Were you able to set a 16:9 resolution?


Nope! Guess it was just Unity falsely listing my native resolution as the current one upon first startup. Thankyou for clarifying this, looking forward to the game!


Ok, that's good!

Enjoy your RESPITE.

First start for me was also windowed at unknown rez, and the default rez option was listed as my monitor's native. Second start was fine, only 4:3 resolutions offered. Though you are able to set resolutions higher than your monitor can accomodate.