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Applewood - An adventure-platformer where you can't attack directly (that's rude)

A topic by Learn_the_Lore created Oct 10, 2019 Views: 147 Replies: 2
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Check out the itch page here.

In Applewood, you play as a weak and powerless little imp named Ringo, exploring a dangerous world. Because you're not very strong, you have to rely on your wits to keep yourself safe. For instance, if you see a big apple growing on a tree, you can pick it up and use it to shield yourself from projectiles, or turn it into a projectile of your own by throwing it. 

The game also has a colorful cast of characters, all of whom react to the world as it changes during your adventure. While the opening moments are light and silly, eventually things take a turn for the slightly more serious...

Even though it may not look like it on first brush, Applewood has a pretty significant story emphasis, and goes to some pretty interesting places in its later hours. Stick with it until the end, and you won't be disappointed! (If you don't believe me and DON'T CARE ABOUT SPOILERS, check out close to the end of this stream archive)

I worked on this game alone for five years and poured a ton of love and creativity into its creation. Now that it's out, it's by-and-large being ignored, which I think is because people take one look at it and think that it's just another pixel platformer that's not worth any additional attention. Maybe they're right, but this review seems to suggest otherwise. 

If my word is worth anything, I'll add that this game was designed with far more of an adventure-game ethos than a platformer ethos. I also consider it to be a very personal work of art that I made to work through internal anxieties as a young person, which I hope counts for something.

If you're into Paper Mario or any of the Zelda games, this one will probably be right up your alley.

If you want to play it but can't pay for it, hit me up! We can work something out! I'd rather the game be played than not be played.

Thanks for reading.


This looks great. I recommend maybe uploading the demo to the same page as the paid version (and marking it as a demo), might help get more people trying the game. I added it to the fresh games section on the homepage.

Oh, I didn't actually know you could do that! Thanks for the tip and the feature.

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