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Check out these three new games. Trust me, you wont regret it, cause they're free. (By Tenth Zero, duh)

A topic by Fierce Exile created Jan 21, 2017 Views: 183 Replies: 1
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The first one is Snowboarding. (No, it doesn't make you fly) It's called Blizzard. And you win by losing (you don't get it, but whatever).

(Jealous much?)

The second thingie is called Zero. (Don't ask) Your a round circle (obvioulsy). And you shoot other red circles, to protect the big circle. Get it? Good, NOW BUY IT, IT'S FREE!

(Worst icon ever. Deal with it)

And last but certainly the least - Bloody Jets (a bloody game with no blood). Keep it on low volume unless if you want bloody ears. Just move and shoot the other jets. Oh, and don't lose (i'm warning you)

(Oh, that's much better. Don't touch)

Still reading? Well stop, just go get the game, as i said you won't regret. Oh and not to mention it's freeeeeee. So get it all ready. I'll be waiting . . .

(Oh and don't tell anyone, but there are no ads. You got lucky)


Hello. Thanks for adding your games. All of your project pages aren't incredibly bare, with no screenshots or gameplay videos. Is it possible to add something? People are much more likely to check out what you've made if they can tell what they're about to download.