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Kluno: A Kid's Dream

A topic by rumham93 created Jan 17, 2017 Views: 224 Replies: 2
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Match, Shoot, Win.

Every night, whilst others are fast asleep, Kluno dreams of exploring castles in the sky, and battling epic toy villains. With Squarrel, space explorer extraordinaire, recruit other heroes into your team and unravel the mysteries of Kluno's dream.

Hello everyone, I work for a mobile games development company and we've just released our first ever game on Google early access. The page is here:

Kluno is a puzzle matching game (like Candy Crush) with tower defense elements. Do give us your feedback on: gameplay, art style, likes and dislikes, bugs and performance issues and etc. as we will have frequent updates until the full release date (April 16). We are new to the industry and any feedback on publishing/marketing is welcomed as well!

Good art-style.... Is there a stand-alone version??

Hello mrpete, there is only an Android version and there will be an iOS version on the full release date. Thanks for the comment!