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Quantum Engineering

Deploy to a distant moon to construct futuristic factories and harvest dark matter. · By Droog71

no idea how to play in game videos useless and other peevs

A topic by cptredclaw created Sep 28, 2019 Views: 57 Replies: 1
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the in game vids are a great idea but basic controls are not obvious. ive no idea how to build anything. inventory button should be the E key or tab key. im unsure if this is just a placement control that all devs use at first but one would think that a dev has played any game at all in their lives. you should know people hate the ' i ' key for inventory. its counter intuitive 

Developer (1 edit)

Hello. Thanks for the feedback and thanks also for trying my game. 

You can change key bindings from the menu. "Escape -> Options -> Bindings". 

To start building with the default control scheme, use the mouse wheel to scroll through objects that can be built, then press B to begin building. 

In addition to the "I" key, by default, the inventory screen will also open if you press the C key because it opens the crafting menu which is part of the inventory screen. 

I will be around and more than happy to answer any questions that come up as you play the game. Thanks again.