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Itch app window can't be resized

A topic by Alastriz created Jan 13, 2017 Views: 213 Replies: 2
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Hello, I was browsing games on Itch app and I was able to maximize the window (the app now looks as if it's in fullscreen) thanks to maximizing one video inside the app. The problem is, I can't change the size of the window now, upper toolbar of the window (cross, full and minimize) dissapeared, clicking anywhere (once twice or several times) doesn't help. I guess its some kind of bug, or is there some hotkey combination I wasn't able to find?


I think it is a bug - have you tried pressing the Escape key? I've always found fullscreening videos made the app behave weirdly, I might have to look into it further.

Tried, with every other key on keyboard, even some hotkeys but nothing helps, apps window covers everything (including my win tray bar).