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Boneyard Clicker

Resting in peace is for the weak · By Luke H

Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by Luke H created Jan 12, 2017 Views: 164 Replies: 7
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If you come across a bug, please post it here and I will address it as soon as possible.

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Hello, a few issues with the game, some are bugs others are general issues.

Your minions sometimes do not do a walking animation when moving, sometimes the code to animate them does not work but they do "hover" from A to B.

Do they collect bones while you are not playing the game, my bone count did not increase while I was away.

I though I couldn't have more than 8 minions because it goes off screen, but I found out I can drag the mouse to see them all, I didn't know that at first. could you add a menu so people can see all the controls.

Also, suddenly the 1st place has 2147483647+ skeletons and new insane scores keep on appearing. This was not there earlier but it suddenly appears. Is this fake or a genuine score?

Still love the game though.


Good eye, the minions do miss a walk cycle every once and a while. I'm working on that.

They do not collect while you are not playing, the catacomb does however.

Good point, I'll look into adding some more instructions, the tutorial goes by pretty fast and there's no way to repeat it.

Yeah I noticed the 2 wild scores that appeared, my guess is they were spoofed but I'll look into it.

Thanks for playing!

ok, because I have to say if the scores can be manipulated like that, it pretty much kills the spirit of the game, almost makes me not want to even try to play anymore keeping a high score if anyone can change it.


Don't worry about that, accounts with fraudulent scores will be deleted.

Bug Update.

For some reason the last minion in my list is never the same when I leave the game and replay it. I upgrade the last one in the list to say 100 seconds / 10 bones. But despite saving my progress several times after during a 1 minute period, for some reason the minion resets. sometimes all the way back to 120 seconds / 1 bone. The others seem fine, its just that last one.

Also, your bonus multiplier. it goes up to 3x but it gives the impression it multiplies by 3. it actually does 3+ so only adds three.

eventually I will do an update video, I will see how it goes.


Hello, I have been gathering a small force for a short while and I was pleased to have over 2 BILLION bones in my collection, but when I clicked on the bonus box it suddenly became -2,000,000,000. How could It suddenly go into the minus? All my collection of bones is useless. This is a pretty big error, can you let me know if this will be fixed or should I just give up?



Unfortunately you've reached the limits of the variable for the bones, I'll need to do an update and add an intermediary variable for amounts over 2 billion. I honestly didn't think anyone would get that many.

I can flip your bone amount back to positive but you'll probably see the same thing every time you get over that amount until I update. Sorry about that