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Unfortunately you've reached the limits of the variable for the bones, I'll need to do an update and add an intermediary variable for amounts over 2 billion. I honestly didn't think anyone would get that many.

I can flip your bone amount back to positive but you'll probably see the same thing every time you get over that amount until I update. Sorry about that

Don't worry about that, accounts with fraudulent scores will be deleted.

Good eye, the minions do miss a walk cycle every once and a while. I'm working on that.

They do not collect while you are not playing, the catacomb does however.

Good point, I'll look into adding some more instructions, the tutorial goes by pretty fast and there's no way to repeat it.

Yeah I noticed the 2 wild scores that appeared, my guess is they were spoofed but I'll look into it.

Thanks for playing!

If you come across a bug, please post it here and I will address it as soon as possible.

The contents of Boneyard Clicker may be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Boneyard Clicker is legally & explicitly allowed by the developer.


  • Can I make a YouTube video of Boneyard Clicker? Yes.
  • Can I use the music from Sort the Court in a video about Boneyard Clicker? Yes.

If you have any questions not covered in this thread, please create a new thread about your concern.

Hey thanks for playing and I'm sorry you had issues, would you mind telling me what computer and OS you were playing on?

Due to the way this was created (in 72 hours during a game jam) I didn't have the ability to playtest on different machines.

Hey thank you so much for playing! And thanks for letting me know about the menu issue, I've found and fixed it, so that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

I plan on making a much extended version, my goal to GREATLY expand on the story. I had to cut so much just to finish before my 72 hours were up!

Thank you so much for playing! The game was made using Unity3d. I was pretty nervous about the narration (thats me talking!) but I think it ended up OK hah.