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[Art] Seeking Pixel and Concept Artists to join our 2D metrdoivania Yami

A topic by HectorPlz created Sep 21, 2019 Views: 189 Replies: 2
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[Hiring/Looking for More]

Project Name: Yami

Program/Language: Unity using C#, version 2019.2.0F1, GitLab use for version control.

What's Yami? check out our Pitch Document

Roles Required: Pixel Artist, Concept Artist
We are looking for Artists who can create Main Menu Concepts, Area Concepts and Boss Concepts. Being skiiled or in UI and/or animation is also a plus. If interested please fill the Google form below and we will email you!

Recruiting New Members Form

1. Trello is used for organization
2. Git and Sourctree: to share the project and work on branches
3. GoogleDrive: to share files and documents
4. Unity

Yami is a pixel art 2D co-op metroidvania adventure game, which focuses on player discovery, through the usage of platforming and solving of puzzles, as well as uncovering lore of this world. Players will be able to control two brothers, Yuyo and Yuki. Both of whom possess the powers of Yami, but whereas the elder brother Yuki obtained a pure version, his younger brother Yuyo's magic is corrupted.

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hi can i help you?

Are you looking for paid or unpaid?

Do you have discord?

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