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Light Cycle Rescue Squad - A Cooperative Snake Game

A topic by Eric Guadara created Jan 10, 2017 Views: 190
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Hi all! I've just released my first PICO-8 title, LCRS.

Here's a link:

About the game:

  • 2 Players, cooperative
  • Score-attack retro arcade action
  • Pick up refugees and drop them off in a safe zone.
  • Scoring clears your trail (not your partner's!) and also clears the current refugees on screen.
  • Running into your own trail, your partner's trail, a hostile, or an environmental obstacle will crash your cycle.
  • Up (or E, for Player 1) will jump a short distance, which is useful in dodging trails or hostiles.
  • For a simple single player mode, navigate one player off of the screen by jumping over the outside border. (A proper mode select is in the works.)
  • While it is playable by one person, the game really shines with two, as working together to pick up refugees and avoid each other's trail becomes very hectic, very fast.

I mostly worked on this in order to learn Lua. For the last year+ I've been working in Unity with C# and figure I should broaden my programming language knowledge base at least a little bit. I followed a tutorial that helped me grasp some of the syntactical differences between C# and Lua, but once I saw the potential for a game, I went off the rails a bit.

I can't believe how cool PICO-8 is. The restrictions are fantastic for forcing creativity, and exporting process is extremely simple. Here's a picture of the cart if you have PICO-8 and want to download it/poke around in it:

Some radical GIFs:

Thanks for checking it out!