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An error has occured

A topic by FunkyFire created Sep 16, 2019 Views: 192 Replies: 1
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Hiya! First i wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the game! I have played various games that had escape rooms and a nice dramatic story as featured theme. The game makes me really think about what I would choose to do and question morale/ what's right or not if you can even say "it's the right decision". Sadly i had an error after rollbacking when I got to choose *Spoiler incoming*

which character I choose before the final room and which to ditch. I think i can paste the traceback here (I hope that's how i have to do it?)
thanks in advance, looking forward too more games like these!

I reinstalled the game and skipped my way through, it' fine now ^^''


Hey FireFunky! Sorry about the delayed reply...I've been totally focused on work and Host duties for BARAJAM 2019 =D

Glad you were able to remedy the issue! In the past alot of those issues have been form users continuing the game off the Demo Save file. The demo and final product save files are incompatible. That's my guess at least. Hope you enjoy LMA!