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Is it normal that you can't load saves from patch 0.30?

I think it was 2- 3 or so

gladly :)

Nice! Glad it worked out :)

Hi, Cookie! I hope you have the same issue as me then, since I fixed it! The game might not run properly with your graphics card. Do you have 2 graphics card? Is one of them NVIDIA?

Hi! Thank you very much for your reply. I tried the compatibility troubleshoot but sadly it didn't work either :/

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My game is extremely unresponsive to the point i have to wait half a minute for the next text. The update hasn't changed anything for me and it's still unplayable. Im confused on how this is happening when the Demo worked just fine and fluid for me. Does anyone have this Problem and/ or a fix?

What I've noticed though is, after i have played a scene, the game is fluid until that point, when i start over again. 

Was that a thing that was known before? And does that mean everyone is experiencing this problem? Because I sure didn't know and wouldn't back a game that's impossible to play in this state.

ah, sry to hear that, it sucks :/ I've written an e-mail and so far they asked for my GPU and specs. Let's see what else they have to say. I'll update if anything changes. Did you guys find a solution yet?

Is it just me or does anybody else have a weird time of unresponsiveness in the game? Like after picture my game is unresposive for about 10 seconds until i can continue.

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*Major spoilers, revealing identities, solutions and outcomings. Proceed if you already played the game and just want all endings*

For the perfect ending:
-it's gross
-to meet people
-no I better not
-I'm not sure
-Lars, I think it's a puzzle
-67944 for the door
-choose Bart
-be apologetic
-864 for the safe 86458 for the door
-no one get's left behind!
-of course
-choose Lucky
-664 for the Triangle
-2899426 for the door
-find another way
-grab Pierce
-DEADMEAT (yes in caps)
-we have to help him!
-choose Bart and ditch Pierce
-Grab Bart's arm (h-scene)
-accuse Earl, Vince, Lucky
-everyone has their own preferences
-Bart isn't perfect
-speak calmy and genuinely

For the "to be continued ending":
-all of the above but with the exception of always choosing Pierce for each room. Lastly choose Pierce and ditch Bart.

For the okay ending:
-if only choosing partner counts (always be nice though, since that what I did e.g "don't leave anyone behind mentality") then take earl, then pierce after the promise to Lucky, then Lucky and finally take Lucky and ditch pierce. (If that didn't work then I can say that it's the exact same ending of the "to be continued ending" with exception of Adam not being paranoid.

For a bad ending, choose Bart and ditch Lucky. For a h-scene with Pierce choose Pierce instead of Lucky after you promise to go with him next then choose "push it further" which is also in the "to be continued ending" and okay ending.

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Hiya! First i wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the game! I have played various games that had escape rooms and a nice dramatic story as featured theme. The game makes me really think about what I would choose to do and question morale/ what's right or not if you can even say "it's the right decision". Sadly i had an error after rollbacking when I got to choose *Spoiler incoming*

which character I choose before the final room and which to ditch. I think i can paste the traceback here (I hope that's how i have to do it?)
thanks in advance, looking forward too more games like these!

I reinstalled the game and skipped my way through, it' fine now ^^''

Ugh, stupid me @.@ thanks for the answer!

So I'm doing the Quest from Othra, looking for the missing acolytes but I'm having trouble to find the last one. I found the one in the forest and in the swap but otherwise I'm pretty sure i checkec everywhere at both day times. Anybody with an Idea?

I really like the game as it reminds me of CoC, great work so far!