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FlySky i6x sticks don`t work correctly.

A topic by GeneK created 36 days ago Views: 123 Replies: 3
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Hi guys. I have the same problem as

I tried to mess with settings but had no luck. Please provide me some instructions for my radio (Flysky, not Taranis, because settings are diffrent). Or give me back my money. 




Did you try to adjust the endpoints like suggested in the other thread?

That is, to adjust so that the range goes from 0 to +100 (instead of -100 to +100 that I suspect is the case here).

I don't own a Flysky radio myself, but I'm sure if you check the manual for your transmitter it will show you how to adjust the endpoints.



Yes, I changed end points, but the circles in the calibration tab act not as they shoud. For example to little space to the left and to much space to the right - so the circle middle point is not in the center. And quad flies bad. I tried "Liftoff" and there calibration process is super easy. So if you can not help me - I have to ask for a refund(


If there is uneven space to the left and right, adjust the center point on your radio.

You can also trim left and right in the trim settings screen of Freerider to get it perfect, but it's best if you can get it as close as possible on your radio first.