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Flysky FS-i6x with usb not working properly with FPVFreerider

A topic by nsgreen created 49 days ago Views: 198 Replies: 2
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The Flysky FS-i6x  transmitter with usb cable doesn't work properly with FPV Freerider. I'm using Windows 10.

I've used a generic usb game controller on FPV Freerider before, and it worked fine.

On the Flysky though, when I calibrate, the controls work halfway, and then immediately go to max. The movements are erratic.

The controller works fine with other sims such as Realflight . Windows joystick calibration (joy.cpl )shows calibration just fine.

I've tried to switch the controller to heli mode, switching modes from mode 1 to mode 2, enabling and disabling the student mode, all with no luck.

I don't want to be forced to use SmartPropoPlus, as it requires a cable mod that I'm not prepared to do, and installs it's own Joy driver, which interferes with other games I have.

Is there a fix, or another solution I can try?


It seems like you have a similar issue like described in this thread.

I will cut and paste the same answer and hope that it will be of help:

From what you describe, it sounds like you might need to adjust the endpoint settings on your transmitter, similarly to the Taranis setup document.

(Note that that document is written for the FrSky Taranis specifically, but you might get some ideas on how to make a similar adjustment on your radio).

Also, if the automatic stick detection gets it wrong during calibration, you can manually click the circle that you see is the correct one (instead of clicking 'OK').

Hope that helps.

I also have a Flysky I6X, which cable are you using? I think you need this cable to use the Flysky I6X: Freerider works perfectly for me with this cable without any other software like SmartPropoPlus.

Another way would be using an Arduino board with a Flysky receiver and using vJoy to get the input, read this: I'm doing this in Liftoff and works perfectly. but I'm not sure it works with Freerider too.