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no me deja calibrar mi flysky

A topic by VillaMarin created 48 days ago Views: 110 Replies: 5
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Cuando conecto y entro al freerider para calibrar mi control, ajusto los sticks tal y como se me indica pero en la pantalla de calibrar los circulos estan muy desordenados (imagen) asi que al final no logro calibrarlo en el programa o me calibra los sticks incorrectos

ademas ademas al mover a tope algunos sticks derrepente el pequeño circulo se pasa a su lado opuesto o en otros se queda a la mitad

No creo que sea mi flysky-i6 porque con otros programas me funciona perfectamente, que podria ser? como podria solucionarlo?

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Developer (1 edit)

First make sure you don't have software such as vJoy or Smartpropoplus installed, they can mess with the USB input drivers.

From what you describe, it sounds like you might need to adjust the endpoint settings on your transmitter, similarly to the Taranis setup document.

(Note that that document is written for the FrSky Taranis specifically, but you might get some ideas on how to make a similar adjustment on your radio).

Also, if the automatic stick detection gets it wrong during calibration, you can manually click the circle that you see is the correct one (instead of clicking 'OK').

Me está pasando con mi emisora devo7 lo mismo y no logro jugar. SOS  NECESITO AYUDA!!! 


Have you tried the tips I mentioned in the reply to the original post, did it make any difference? If not, please get back with more info and I might be able to help.


El problema venía en la emisora. 👍🏽


Glad you managed to get it solved!