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How and Where could I promote my devlog?

A topic by aradarbel10 created 9 days ago Views: 62 Replies: 1
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I know lots of people promote their games on reddit and other social media, but I can't figure where I can promote my devlog. and by "promote" I mean "hey check out my new project and read about it in the devlog!" and if someone likes it he will come back afterwards and read more. I don't really have screenshots or videos of the game because, well.. its under development (hence devlog).

Thanks in advance,


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I think you could share it whereever, the itch forums are a good place, Twitter is great (using the right hashtags), and even if your game is in development, you can just add indev screenshots! Posts without images are less attractive than posts with, so make sure to show something! Best of luck!