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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Panoramic Capture image does not look correct?

A topic by kindeyegames created 10 days ago Views: 63 Replies: 3
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System: Bootcamp, Win 10, Radeon RX580. I am expecting the pano output to be an equirectangular image, so Kuula, etc. can render it in 360. However it looks like something is flipped around the X axis (the top 1/3 seems somehow transformed and switched with the bottom 1/3.)

On loading the image to Kuula, there is an issue with the render (seems like a square area of the top and bottom of the image are flipped. Which matches the above somewhat flipped image.) Are there additional settings to be done for Pano Capture? I am using he Pano Capture button.

Attached is an example output.

Great program, looking forward to viewing 360 images!

Developer (1 edit)

hmm thats weird, i just tried it and seems fine. but i have an nvidia card though, wonder if the radeon is doing something strange.

ill ask a friend with a similar card to yours to see what he gets

Thanks for checking it out. I also tried it on an older laptop with an NV 960M. Same result for the in Flowscape app Panoramic Capture button (similar image to the above.) On this system, I could also try Ansel Pano (Alt-F2) and that created a good equirectangular image. So some kind of difference between the capture button and Ansel Pano for me.

Hi, I have same problem with 360 panorama, what can I do?