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Panoramic Capture image does not look correct?

A topic by kindeyegames created Sep 11, 2019 Views: 391 Replies: 5
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System: Bootcamp, Win 10, Radeon RX580. I am expecting the pano output to be an equirectangular image, so Kuula, etc. can render it in 360. However it looks like something is flipped around the X axis (the top 1/3 seems somehow transformed and switched with the bottom 1/3.)

On loading the image to Kuula, there is an issue with the render (seems like a square area of the top and bottom of the image are flipped. Which matches the above somewhat flipped image.) Are there additional settings to be done for Pano Capture? I am using he Pano Capture button.

Attached is an example output.

Great program, looking forward to viewing 360 images!

Developer (1 edit)

hmm thats weird, i just tried it and seems fine. but i have an nvidia card though, wonder if the radeon is doing something strange.

ill ask a friend with a similar card to yours to see what he gets

Thanks for checking it out. I also tried it on an older laptop with an NV 960M. Same result for the in Flowscape app Panoramic Capture button (similar image to the above.) On this system, I could also try Ansel Pano (Alt-F2) and that created a good equirectangular image. So some kind of difference between the capture button and Ansel Pano for me.

Hi, I have same problem with 360 panorama, what can I do? 


ALL360vr - I found something that  worked for me, at least for now. Click the checkbox 'Adpative Quality' first, then do a Pano Capture. That solved my problem with the flipped topped and bottom cubemap faces messing up equirectangular pano output. Try it out and let us know if it works for you too.

Are there any possibility to have an option to save panorama in EXR format?

Ansel does not work for me with that format at all.